When Artist/Songwriter Savallace says he’s “Pro-Life,” he’s not talking about his stance on abortion. Instead, “Pro Life” to him simply means enjoying every minute of your life, a theme that’s expressed consistently throughout his music.

“I’m inspired by people, and the similarities and differences we share” Savallace says. “It takes all of us to make this world move in a positive direction.  Plus, people keep life interesting.”

The name Savallace was adopted from the 70’s television show ‘Kojak,’ which starred Telly Savalas as a tenacious New York detective. His laid back demeanor and witty catch phrases, such as the classic: “Who loves ya, baby,” immediately captured the artist’s attention.  He then took creative control of the name, changing the spelling to ‘Savallace’ to illustrate the mantra by which he lives: SAV-ALL-ACE (Sav/e All Ace/s).


“The idea behind ‘Savallace’ is that in life, in any situation, you have ultimate control. Your Ace is your trump card. Play it when necessary.” Savallace is playing his ACE card soon with the release of his first full-length project.

Savallace approaches everyday life, with both the good and bad, in a way that connects to people universally. Whether referencing parties and good times, or politics and struggle, his music travels with you, charting a journey replete with clever lyrics and catchy hooks.

Savallace performs live and on his CDs with a band that combines hip-hop and R&B, with a blend of funk and rock. His sound bridges the gap between live and recorded music. “Live music drives my soul, and performing with a live band feeds me as an artist. I wouldn’t do it any other way,” says Savallace. “I also consider myself a musician. My voice is my instrument.”

About Me

Born and raised in Detroit, a city that boasts great music traditions, automotive excellence, with an undercurrent of economic strife and blight, Savallace’s music captures each angle, from the city’s shadows, to the shine of its internationally acclaimed industries.

Savallace has shared the stage with industry greats such as: KEM, for whom he has traveled the world as road manager, Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, Dougie Fresh, Whodini, Slum Village, Morris Day & The Time, Arrested Development, Dwele, Najee, Leela James and others. In 2010, he and his band were featured two nights on radio icon, Tom Joyner’s “Fantastic Voyage” Cruise. He also hosted a MAZE tribute featuring KEM, Avant, Kevon Edmunds and Ledisi.  His well-rounded industry experience has provided critical insight, and content for his own music.